December 13, 2008

i can't find you.

where are you? are you there?
i can't see you, even if your standing right in front of me.
you have lost the site of who you are,
what is important to you.
i know who you are, but where did you go?
there are things that you have said and
things that you have done...
but they are not you.
i know who they are, and maybe that
is where you are.
why are you there?
can't you see i am right here?
can't you see we are right here?
i don't want you to stay there,
but is that what you want?
to put the things that are important
to you, behind those that are of less importance?
i hope not.
open your eyes, and open your heart.
and listen to me when i say,
please come home.
i need you here.

1 comment:

pastorwick said...

hmm. no clue. although, you may enjoy (by your comparison of worth between things here) Tony Campolo's new book, "Who Switched the Price Tags?". :)