December 7, 2008

Sent out early.

Too early for a new years resolution? Nah, I think not. There are actually a couple that I have in mind, ones in which I am certain I will actually follow through on. The first one being, probably one of the most common new years resolutions out there, exercising and eating healthy. I have actually been doing a pretty good job on the exercising part of this one, but coming out short on the eating healthy part. One of the main reasons I have found out as to why I do not eat as healthy as I should is time. In order to eat healthy, you actually have to take time to cook the right foods. Running from home to class to work makes that a sticky situation. However, I have come to find that if I just take fifteen minutes out of my morning, that gives me enough time to fix a good breakfast. Also, I want to be able to get up in the mornings and go for a run. I use to run all the time, then i started to work a lot and there are a lot of other excuses I could come up with... which none of them are good enough. Again, I just need to take the time...get up a little earlier, and just do it. Also the other new years resolution that I am going to make is going to church every Sunday. I have come to realize that yes I do need to work in order to save up money for college, but I do not need to work every Sunday morning. So I am willing to work every other Sunday morning... just as long as I can start going to church, some what on a regular basis. So these are my new years resolutions, stated and heard! Whats yours?

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pastorwick said...

I think I might start going to church again too. Not sure yet....gotta see if it's worth my time. I'm a big fan of sleeping in.

As for eating healthy..pssh. If I willingly eat Broccoli at some point this year, I'm doin' good. :)